How To Train Your Cocker Spaniel

dogCocker Spaniels are very lovable and easy on the eyes. You will regularly want to be with him because of its beauty and charm. They are very playful and are easy to get along with. The eagerness of this dog to play with its owner is a plus for those who want a pet for their kids. But you have to understand that if you really care for your dog, one of your topmost priority is to train your Spaniel. You would not want him to go outside of the house and be hit by a car or let loose in the neighborhood and pick a fight with the next dog that he could find. He must be as well-behaved as possible. If you see dating site in Nederland, you would want the behavior of your dog to be the same as those looking for the love of their lives in online dating.

Know its personality

This is a step that you must always take into consideration when owning a dog. Before you get a Cocker Spaniel or any other type of Spaniel, you must know its general personalities and temperaments. You need to do this to be able to know your next step if it suddenly changes its movement or attitude towards you.

Generally, Spaniels are level-headed. It is not over-eager and easy to get distracted. But they are still very active dogs. You would need to exercise your Spaniel daily to keep its mind sound and healthy.

The Cocker Spaniel is also very sensitive to its owner. He recognizes the anger and disappointment of the people around him. This is very crucial information especially if you are the one training him. You need to positively reinforce the dog in order to train him properly.

It should also be trained to socialize with other dogs. Improper training can cause your Cocker Spaniel to be timid and to shy away from other breeds.


Start early

You do not have to wait until he is one year old before you start training him. The earlier the training, the better for your dog. As early as the first day that you bring your dog to your home, you can start training him. This is to build a relationship between the two of you.