Types of Spaniel

Spaniel is kind of breed that you can raise on your own. You can have a variety of spaniels to choose from depending on the origin and the kind of spaniels available near you. You have to keep in mind the different characteristics that each of the types of spaniel can have. It is much like ematching or those on dating sites in Nederland. You have to choose the right mix and breed to come up with a good match.


Cocker Spaniel

The cocker spaniel is one of the most popular varieties of spaniels in the country. It may be because of the big puffery eyes or the huge ears that are very characteristic of a spaniel. Like any other spaniel around, this type of spaniel is very good at hunting. But over the years, the cocker spaniel has been poised to become an attractive and well-groomed kind of dog.

The size of the Cocker spaniel is around 15 inches in height. It is big enough to be involved in competitions but is small enough to bring anywhere you want. You can see a lot of families owning Cocker spaniels because of its playful nature.

Feeding this type of Spaniel is not at all difficult. A combination of chicken and rice is a long staple food for this breed. You have to be careful in choosing the right food for dogs in general in order to protect its hair and its health.

Boykin Spanieldog

With a height of around 18 inches, the Boykin Spaniel is a big enough sport dog. It is mostly known for its brown coat. Same as with any other Spaniel, it is quite eager to play with people. It is fun to be with and very agile for its size. Boykins are often found in South Carolina. It is mostly used in hunting fowls and turkeys.

American Water Spaniel

This type of breed is easy to be noticed because of its muscular size. Most of these dogs have curly or wavy coats. Because of its origin, the coat of this Spaniel is tight to its body, with webbed feet, and can move nicely on top of a boat.