About Us

Spaniel club is an association of Spaniel club breeders and groomers all over the Netherlands in order to establish an official club that aims to promote ematching of Spaniels. Breeders need to have guidelines and rules in caring and maintaining of Spaniels either for family pet use or for competitions. The Spaniel club is here to help all of you who are seeking rules and tips in breeding Spaniels.

Who we are

The Spaniel club was founded in the late 1900s as part of the community building of all the Spaniel breeders in the Netherlands. The Spaniel is a breed of dog that is mostly used for racing and for show competitions. It was officially recognized as the club for Spaniel breeders in the 1950s as more and more people breed Spaniels for dog competitions. Dating sites in Nederland, commercial businesses, and other retail companies in the country identify the Spaniel Club as the organization to go to if they seek breeders, breeder knowledge, and networks concerning the Spaniel breed.

What we offer

Our goal as an association is to provide the best help that we can get for our Spaniel breeders. First of all, we offer international competitions to those who want to hone their skills in raising and training Spaniels. We also provide sponsorships to those breeders who have the ability to care and maintain Spaniels but do not have the budget to do so.
We also post daily news and articles about Spaniel breeding and care. You can browse our pages and find new insights and content about Spaniels.