How to Care for Dogs at Home

You always have to care for dogs when you own one. Dogs are such fun-loving creatures that you can have in your own backyard. They are fun to be with and they really bring life to an otherwise lackluster house. You feel that you have just won the lottery with owning a dog. It is much like ematching or dating sites in Nederland. This is a match made in heaven.

But you also have to keep in mind that owning a dog requires you to be responsible for the dog. It is an animal with a life of its own. By taking the dog into your home, you are also taking yourself as the accountable person for the dog. And it will take a lot of time and effort to care for a dog.
What should you do to care for your dog?


Taking care of puppies

When a dog is just less than three months, you have to be in constant lookout for specific health conditions of the dog. You must feed puppies up to four times per day. Since the puppy has just been removed from the care of its mother, it would be wise to have a good mix of food and milk for the dog.

Dogs that are less than six months can be fed up to two times per day. It is more about the amount of food rather than frequency. Dogs of this age can most likely eat more compared to younger ones.

When a dog is one year old, one meal is pretty much good enough for him. You do not want to feed your dog too much. It may cause him to be obese and it will be more difficult for him to move and grow if he will be used to this kind of treatment.


Taking care of one-year-old dogs

Dogs need exercise. You have to regularly bring him outside of your home for a daily walk or run in the park. Fetching and ball catching is also good forms of exercise.

Grooming is also important. You have to check with a professional groomer at least once a month depending on the breed that you have. One with long hair is more likely to get a schedule more with a groomer rather than those with shorter hair.