The Spaniel Club

The Spaniel Club is the official Spaniel breeder organization in the Netherlands. It is an association of Spaniel breeders in the country. Many common sites lie 50plusmatch and Elitedating are promoting our club as the resource and the organization to go to when you want to look for every article related to spaniels. They have also opened the group for members both here and abroad for all professional breeders and trainers of spaniels. It is not enough that you train and breed spaniels on your own. You will have a risk of raising incompetent and unhealthy dogs. Through membership and interaction among the members of the group, you can ensure that you will be caring for spaniels and maintaining them correctly and efficiently.

The Spaniel

You may have not known this but spaniels are gun dogs. When we say gun dogs, this kind of breed is responsible for helping hunters get their prey. In the late 1800s, you can expect every spaniel to be accompanying people of wealth in the hunt for different animals. It is quite a luxury before to have a spaniel accompany you during shoots. But it is only through the use of Spaniels that hunters can do everything that they can to get their target.

The Spaniel is such a great and loyal servant and partner in hunting. The spaniel is very intelligent. You can teach a spaniel dog everything about hunting and it will get all the lessons only in a few tries and days of training. You can expect a spaniel to understand the rules of hunting in a few months. A dog that is less than two human years can be trained to accompany you in the hunt. The spaniels are such lovely and awesome creatures.

It does not take much to train them because they, too, have the instinct to hunt their prey. It is natural for them to take out other animals in the field. They are hunters from the onset. The earliest spaniels can hunt and catch prey on their own. When you want to train spaniel dogs, it would be to have the dogs realize the right commands and the crucial instructions during sports competitions.

Like in any other competitions, dogs need to follow specific commands and rules. Complying on regulations is a must for dogs and people as well. During sports competitions, you need to control every movement of the spaniel. This is to prevent your dog from staying away from the rules of the game.


The Spaniel Club accepts professional Spaniel breeders from all of the country. We are currently opening the online application for all breeders who are not yet part of the club. You can gain a lot of perks when you join our group. You will get access to a lot of good content about this breed. You will also be able to ask questions and comment on our members-only forums. Talk to other members of the Spaniel club to get insights and tips on raising and breeding dogs.